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Elevated flu and strep positives showing across the US

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Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

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Group A Strep (GAS)

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Exclusive Respiratory Mapping

Accurate tests are just part of the solution -- with the disease mapping tools provided by Virena, you'll be able to observe, track, report, and respond rapidly to emerging respiratory infectious disease trends in your area.

With leading respiratory diagnostic products covering a spectrum of needs from CLIA waived to high throughput reference lab products, you can be confident no matter what severity of season - Quidel has you covered.

Respiratory season can be highly unpredictable, but there is one constant to weather any storm.

Respiratory infectious disease is unpredictable, Influenza is only one of many possibilities. RSV, hMPV, Group A Strep, Strep C/G, Bordetella, and Mononucleosis, also carry serious risk. The best course of action is to test appropriately, be prepared and be better informed.

Quidel has an extensive menu of molecular and rapid immunoassays from CLIA waived to high throughput reference lab products that deliver consistent and reliable results. Be confident that in any season, Quidel has you covered.

The Quidel Advantage

Quidel has manufactured millions of tests in a highly controlled and monitored manufacturing environment for 34 years. Part of our commitment is to provide the highest quality products in our U.S.-based facilities. It is a deliberate and strategic mission for many reasons:

  • Control of our raw materials, manufacturing processes, as well as the storage, handling and shipment of our finished goods, thus ensuring a robust supply chain to our partners and end-users.
  • Maintenance of shorter manufacturing to end-user cycle time, resulting in an innate ability to rapidly respond to changing market demands.
  • Development of a world-class demand-driven operation with proven capacity to meet the unpredictable demands of influenza, Strep A and RSV seasonality, while maintaining our strict compliance to internal quality standards and external customer requirements.
  • Operational Excellence is critical to ensure that our products consistently meet the high expectations that our customers and distribution partners have for quality, lot-to-lot consistency, and delivery.

Our customer service and technical support teams are world-class and available to answer questions, provide samples, training (both remote and on location), reimbursement support and other support needed to help you not just through an unpredictable respiratory season but in any season.

We proudly feature many industry firsts:

  • First rapid hCG test
  • First CLIA-waived Strep A test
  • First no-culture confirmation Group A Strep molecular test
  • De novo molecular test for HSV 1+2/VZV
  • De novo molecular test for Strep A, C/G
  • Positive results as early as 3 minutes for influenza, RSV and Lyme with Advance Result Technology
  • Only CLIA-waived Lyme test